MPOWERHealth Rebrands to Reflect Expanded Role in Advancing the Way Healthcare Operates

Posted by MPOWERHealth on May 19, 2020 1:58:54 PM

Texas-based healthcare services firm invests in analytics and new services to improve quality and drive efficiencies for specialty physicians, hospitals and payors




May 19, 2020, 09:01 ET

The company serves more than 400 neuromusculoskeletal and orthopedic physicians, 40,000-plus patients and over 300 facilities in 24 states. Now, in addition to having made a robust investment in analytics, MPOWERHealth offers a broader variety of innovative services to its customers, including clinically integrated physician network solutions, alternative payment solutions and value-added clinical services.

"Our new brand identity reflects the innovative value-based solutions we are developing for independent neuromusculoskeletal and orthopedic physicians at a time when they need it most," said Scott LaRoque, MPOWERHealth chief executive officer and founder. "Independent physicians are vital to our healthcare industry, and we are committed to helping them thrive. Our goal is to advance the way healthcare operates and shape a better future together."

Helping independent physicians thrive
MPOWERHealth has introduced clinically integrated physician networks that support collaboration between neuromusculoskeletal physicians, helping them to increase quality, improve patient care and demonstrate greater value to the market. The networks are designed to help physicians who desire autonomy to maintain their independence, while facilitating collaboration through shared resources, advanced technology and clinical best practices. 

Helping payors provide better access to care for their members
Through its alternative payment models, MPOWERHealth offers bundled solutions to help its customers significantly improve payment and reimbursement processes, allowing them to participate and thrive in risk-based payment models. Its spine program and bundle solution create access to the highest level of conservative spine care at a set cost. By partnering with high-performing providers, it also gives payors (and ultimately patients) access to some of the best physicians with the best outcomes across the country, while also helping to reign in healthcare costs.

Helping improve efficiencies and outcomes
MPOWERHealth offers best-in-class intraoperative neuromonitoring and other value-added clinical services to physicians, health systems, hospitals and medical facilities. These services help increase O.R. productivity, enhance continuity of care and improve outcomes by reducing revisions and readmissions.

Its analytics services enable customers to leverage and understand patterns in their data, so they can act on trends before they become cost-draining issues, and its predictive modeling services provide vital insights to help guide decision-making that impacts patients.

"There's purpose in everything we do," LaRoque said. "We're empowering our customers with knowledge to improve patient outcomes, and we're building networks designed to enable, not complicate their work. It's inspiring to help them navigate what comes next in a dynamic, evolving industry."

New brand identity
The new MPOWERHealth brand identity reflects the company's evolution and commitment to creating innovative solutions that empower better healthcare. The new logo features a stylized "M" mark that evokes a sense of movement and speed to symbolize the company's forward-thinking approach to healthcare. Its vibrant blue and orange color palette, and bold typography, work together to create a modern, dynamic and energetic visual identity.   

About MPOWERHealth
MPOWERHealth is dedicated to empowering better healthcare through innovative solutions for specialty physicians, hospitals and payors. Its services include integrated physician networks that support collaboration between neuromusculoskeletal physicians to promote quality improvements; best-in-class intraoperative neuromonitoring and surgical assist services for physicians, hospitals, health systems and medical facilities; and bundled solutions for payors and employers that create direct access to the highest level of conservative spine care at a set cost. Based in Addison, Texas, MPOWERHealth serves more than 400 physicians, 40,000-plus patients annually and more than 300 facilities in 24 states. For more information and to see the company's comprehensive service offerings, visit MPOWERHealth.

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