Care Management and its Effect on Readmission Rates

Posted by MPOWERHealth on Oct 3, 2022 6:20:18 PM

Care management programs like MPOWERHealth 360CareNav have been shown to be an effective means of decreasing readmission rates. This is due to the fact that care management provides a coordinated and comprehensive approach to care that includes patient education, discharge planning, and follow-up after discharge. A recent study showed that patients who received care management had a 30% lower risk of being readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of their discharge.


ADDISON, Texas (October 4, 2022) —Orthopedic and neuro surgeons are in a unique position to take advantage of MPOWERHealth 360CareNav care management services because of the risk their patients have for readmission. Orthopedic and neuro surgery often requires a lengthy recovery period, during which time complications can occur. By providing care management services like MPOWERHealth 360CareNav, orthopedic and neuro surgeons can help decrease the likelihood of  complications and reduce the risk of readmission.

The Benefits of MPOWERHealth 360CareNav

There are many benefits to implementing within an orthopedic and neuro surgery practice, including:

- Decreased hospital readmission rates

- Improved patient satisfaction

- Reduced length of stay

- Improved coordination of care

- Increased practice efficiency

Care management has been shown to be most effective when it is implemented early during care. This is because early intervention can help identify potential problems and address them before they lead to complications. In addition, early intervention allows for more time to develop a relationship with the patient and their family, which can improve compliance with the plan of care.


MPOWERHealth 360CareNav is an evidence-based approach to care that has been shown to decrease hospital readmission rates. Orthopedic and neuro surgeons are in a unique position to take advantage of care management services due to the fact that many of their patients are at risk for readmission. By providing care management services to their patients, orthopedic surgeons can help decrease the likelihood of complications and improve overall outcomes.

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