A Thank you to Doctors: MpowerHealth's Commitment to Physicians

Posted by Scott LaRoque, CEO, MPOWERHealth on Mar 30, 2021 5:07:37 PM
Scott LaRoque, CEO, MPOWERHealth

There is no doubt the past year brought immense challenges to most of us due to the pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives both personally and professionally. As I reflect on the changes the past year brought, I’m constantly reminded of the strength and resilience demonstrated by doctors and healthcare workers in a year in which they constantly stepped in and up to support patients.

 Physicians have not only faced challenges with the health of their patients in the midst of COVID-19 but also challenges affecting their practices, including shutdowns, changes in patient volume or the cancelation of elective procedures.

 This Doctor’s Day, I would like to thank physicians for their continued dedication to care despite every challenge and reiterate our commitment at MPOWERHealth to physicians as they help us build a better way and future in healthcare.

 Our goal is to improve quality care and empower independent physicians so they can focus on providing the best care for their patients. We continue to invest in our platform, which advances the way healthcare operates and provides independent physicians with the infrastructure, tools and technology they need to thrive and maintain their independence.

 We are proud to continue our work after a challenging year, helping independent physicians deliver value-based care, improve quality and drive better outcomes in an evolving healthcare industry.

 Thank you to all independent physicians for their dedication and partnership as together we work to redefine healthcare for patients, physicians and the industry.



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